Floating Lanterns

I think I mentioned that we are big fans of the movie Tangled. Thing One's favorite scene is when they launch all the lanterns. So I thought he would like to make and hang some of our own. 

First, Thing One just colored all the construction paper. For the ones above I folded them all "hamburger" style and cut about every 1/2 to 1 inches to within an inch of the edge. Then roll it "hot dog" style and tape the edges together to form a tube. For a taller lantern cut as I just said, if you want it to be fatter and shorter just switch the hamburger and hotdog orientation (like below).

If you really want it to be a lantern, you will want to add a light. These battery powered tea lights are perfect. I've seen these even at the dollar store.

I taped the lid of a frozen juice concentrate to the bottom and set the tea light in there. you can also use jar lids.

Then we taped fishing line to the top to hang them up, so it looked like they were floating. At night they really look like floating lights.

Make a day of it:  watch Tangled together, make lanterns, make little pom pom Pascales, and then play Where's Pascale. Here's to getting tangled in fun : )


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