Monday, February 25, 2013

Fairy Garden

Having only boys, I get a little excited when we have a girl's birthday party to go to. This is my big chance to do something girly! For our last girl-friend's party we brought this Fairy Garden set. It was really fun to put together and hopefully will be lots of fun to play with. I like to give kids gifts that encourage them to be creative.  

I started at Hobby Lobby of course (if it's not food or clothing I probably got it at Hobby Lobby). I found the fairies near the toy model section, with the army guys, and zoo animals. That's when the idea was born. Then in the spring section I found some accessories. I bought the garden fence, but they had an arch and a swing as well. 

I added some fun extras I had from my stash: mini tiles, silk flowers, glass stones, and some pixie dust. 

I included some natural stuff too: sheet moss, reindeer moss, miniature pinecones, and a tiny terra cotta pot.

I put it all together in a box with a see-thru top. I would have loved to get this as a little girl. Did you ever see the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story? I did, and my sister and I were sure that garden fairies were real after that. ; ) I'm sure every fairy would appreciate these garden accessories. Hopefully a little girl will have fun with them as well.

All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust! Thanks for reading!
- Haley

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