Camp cake

For Thing One's birthday this year we set up a sheet tent in the living room, got out the sleeping bags and let him "camp out" all day. So I thought it would be fitting to make a kind of camp themed cake. He also wanted there to be snow, and I had previously bought this snowboarder, so I tried to just tie it all into one scene. Here's how it came out.

I built up a little snow hill for the snow boarder by cutting the tops off of both layers to make them nice and flat (which I usually do anyway). They make a tool for this, but I usually just eyeball it with my bread knife because I don't have one of those (and the bread knife works great). I folded up the scrap cake pieces and "glued" them into a little mound and then frosted it white.  Here's the view from the top of the hill.

We did a camping theme a few years ago for my husbands birthday and I made the tiny tent then. I was glad to get another chance to use it. Here's it's debut, complete with almond bark trees and flames, and cocoa powder "dirt."

This time I did the fire pit differently and added some marshmallow sticks (kashi cereal and chow-mein noodles).

I guess this is as close to winter camping as I plan to ever get. A sleeping bag under the couch, a snowy cake and some hot chai--perfect. 

Thanks for reading.


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