Chocolate Topped Froyo Bites

I love frozen yogurt, so when I started seeing froyo bites like these all over Pinterest knew I had to try them. I used strawberry yogurt, so mine looked exactly like the ones I saw on Pinterest. I used wax paper though and think I ate a layer of wax with the first batch, so I would use aluminum foil or just squirt them on the pan like she did above. After my first attempt I started thinking of variations on this idea and I think I came up with three ways to make froyo bites less clean up, less trash, and more yummy.

Tips #1 & #2: Use a silicone ice cube tray and put a layer of melted chocolate on top!

This first batch I used Boston cream pie yogurt, which is not my favorite by itself, but was delicious frozen and with chocolate on top. Plus there's no fruit so it's a very creamy treat. I put the yogurt in a sandwich bag and piped it into the tray, only filling each one half way or less.

Then I melted the chocolate chips and spooned a dollop on top of each. Then I gently tipped and tapped the tray so the chocolate would smooth and settle.

Like this.

Then put them into the freezer for about an hour. Turn the tray over and pop them all out.

Just throw these in the freezer for a quick and yummy treat. I'm going to go ahead and label this "healthy dessert" because you can use fat free yogurt and with the little bit of chocolate on top really 2 or 3 is a satisfying after dinner treat, or mid afternoon snack. They are extra tasty if you let them thaw for a minute or two, making them more like ice cream and less like ice cubes. Don't leave them out too long though, because they melt pretty quick!

Now ready for tip #3? I like to eliminate trash from projects when possible, which is why I got the ice cube tray--I don't have to use foil every time or wash a pan (since washing things by hand is among my least favorite things to do).  But I still had to use a sandwich bag to get nice even cubes (you can spoon it in there, but that was messier for me). SO, I tried this little trick.

 Cut a small 1/4" hole in the yogurt top with a knife, turn upside down and squeeze the yogurt into the ice cube tray. I did have to poke the knife in there a couple times because some little peach pieces got stuck, but I think it was still faster than spooning it or piping it from a baggie; and no extra trash! 

Recycle that yogurt container and enjoy these delicious froyo bites while you wear your Captain Planet cape. I like the chocolate peach combination best so far.

I'm giving a shout out here to my cousin Ariana and her Kappa friends who read this blog, because I think this is a perfect midnight study snack, and all you need is a freezer so it's college student kind of cooking : )

** Updated - Try these as mini popsicles! They're good with chocolate 

 ... or without.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi - where did you find your ice cube tray - it's perfect!


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