Starting Seeds

Hi there! How'd you spend your weekend? Ours looked like this:

I started a a bunch of mini zinnias and nasturtium. I love how bright and cheerful zinnias are. Did you know you can eat nasturtium? They would look pretty in a salad. Maybe we will try that this year. I also like to plant a lot of marigolds because they double as a natural bug repellant, but I guess I forgot to buy those seeds. Next weekend...

We have one garden devoted to flowers, one to herbs,

and soon to be four dedicated to veggies! My husband is in the process of building #3 and #4, but they will be done in time to plant or transplant for this spring. Saturday I started seeds for four kinds of peppers, three kinds of tomatoes, tomatillos, three kinds of basil, chives, and a window box full of cilantro. The peas and beans are waiting for their new home to get finished. 

We are doing squash in large pots this year to have more space for the rest of the stuff in garden plots. And I'm still not sure where to put the cucumbers. I grew them on a trellis a couple years ago and I think that's the way to go. 

Then these guys went right into the ground along with carrots and onions.

 I like the onions because it gives us a little green in there while we wait for everything else to pop up.

All the seeds got moved into their short term housing for the spring. They will live in this cozy greenhouse until it's safe to move them into the garden. 

Spring is such a hopeful time. New life. A fresh start. How perfect that Easter is celebrated in the spring. 

Are you planting anything yet?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Way to get planting! That's awesome. Thanks for joining the git 'er done party, too! Have a great weekend!



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