Edible Play Dough

Kids Cooking Play Day Part III:
 Peanut Butter Play Dough

As I was planning for the cooking play day, I knew that the cream pie project wouldn't take that long, and I wanted the kids to have something else to do that felt like cooking. I have a vivid memory of making peanut butter play dough once as a child and the novelty of being able to eat it. Since we had all the rolling pins out and aprons on I thought edible play dough would be the perfect addition to our play day.

Most of the PB play dough recipes I found were just different ratios of the same ingredients. I was making a batch for seven kids so here's what I went with:

2 cups creamy peanut butter
2 cups dry milk 
1 cup honey

I started with that and then added just a little more of each ingredient until I got the consistency I wanted. Mostly I added more milk powder, because I thought a firmer dough would be easier for the kids to work with. You can mix it up ahead of time and keep it in the fridge where it will harden a little. As soon as you start to work with it it softens up so I'm glad that it was cold to start with. I kept some wipes handy for easy clean up when they were finished. Peanut butter dough can get pretty greasy, especially after warm little hands have been working it for a while. 

 I set out a bunch of cookie cutters and playdoh tools that Thing One has and let the kids go to town. Thing One is his mother's son I guess because he too was mostly just awed by the edible quality and proceeded to eat it until there wasn't much left to work with. Oh well.

It was fun. I'd do it again sometime. I've actually already had a few more cooking play day ideas. We'll see. I hope you enjoyed our little cooking series this week. 

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