Here Comes the Sun

I am so excited for Spring. A couple weeks ago my aunt bought me these new markers for my herb garden and I can not wait to get everyone moved in and marked.

It's so good to see these little guys popping up. It won't be long now. I love our garden and will probably be sharing a fair amount of garden posts for the foreseeable future--not everyday, but often. : )

Growing up some girls picture their dream house or dream car or something. I remember saying I don't care about the house, but I want a big garden. When we moved here there was no garden, but now there's a little more every year. I don't know if you could call me an "avid" gardener. I'm not necessarily great at it, or super knowledgable about plants, but we've been gardening for the last seven years in this yard and every year we are learning and making adjustments for the next year.  I'm not great at weeding I don't like to weed I am going to try to be better about weeding this year.  I don't devote a ton of time to the garden, and I'm more into vegetables than flowers. But to me gardening doesn't have to look perfect to be wonderful. It's so gratifying to clip something from your own garden and bring it in, whether it's a bunch  of flowers, a basket of vegetables, or a handful of fresh herbs.

If you think you don't have a green thumb let me encourage you to give gardening a chance. You might have heard at Chinese New year that this is the Year of the Garden. That's right it is. Don't look it up, just trust me. Even if you live in an apartment with just a small patio you CAN grow delicious foods/herbs. Yes you can. I'll tell you about it. I've got a fun little food project to show you this week too, but come back Friday for more garden info and my first ever giveaway!  Happy first day of spring tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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