Tag Blankets

Good morning! I wanted to show you something I made for Thing Two, so you wouldn't think I've been neglecting him, with all that I've been posting for Thing One. Thing Two loves anything with a tag. That's the first thing he finds on a stuffed animal, so I knew he would like a tag blanket. 

I chose flannel fabric because it's nice and soft but also light. I like to use ribbon with a variety of textures, so I used two grosgrain and two satin, a wide and narrower of each.

I cut eight, three inch pieces of each ribbon. Then I arranged them around the blanket the way I wanted them.

Then I laid out my fabric, right sides together. I folded the ribbon in half and pinned the fold inside the blanket with about a half and inch sticking out.

Then I sewed with a 1/4 seam around the blanket, leaving a three inch gap (about one ribbon worth) to turn the blanket right side out.

 You can trim all the ribbons to flush with the blanket before turning, or just leave them. If you leave them long they will get sewed into the blanket one more time which ensures that they won't get ripped out no matter how much baby tugs on them. Turn the blanket right side out. Iron the edges, being careful not to iron the ribbon. Then tuck in the last folded ribbon (where you turned it inside out) and sew another 1/4 around the whole blanket.

Lots of tags to play with and chew on. I love the colors of this one, and Thing Two seems pretty happy with it too.

Here's a couple other tag blankets that I made using fleece fabric. They are heavier, but very cozy.

The loops on these were longer than the blue and green flannel one above. I think I like the shorter tages better, but Thing One really liked the longer loops.

Tag blankets are a great one-evening project and I think they make a great addition to any baby gift. It's always nice to throw in a little handmade love. 

Thanks for reading. 


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