Chef Boywasthateasy

I miss the days when I could eat a can of Chef Boyardee and feel good about it. I once made the mistake of reading the "nutritional" information and haven't been able to buy it since. Ignorance really is bliss. Here's some ravioli you can feel good about and they are almost as easy as the bow-ties.

A sewing machine makes these much easier, but they can be hand sewn as well. Start with two 2 x 2  pieces of pasta-colored felt.  Using coordinating thread sew around three sides leaving a half-inch inseam.  It should look like this:

Fill with some fiberfill or a fluffed out cotton ball or two. and sew up the last side. Trim all the sides with pinking shears, and you're done! Now you have your choice of yummy pastas for dinner. 

 Cut out a red felt blob or two for tomato sauce. Dish it up with some nice crusty bread and a healthy vegetable, and dinner is served. 

Have you mastered felt pasta? Are you ready for a challenge now? Stick around, friend. Now that you are all warmed up you are going to love the next round. If you only make one felt food thing, it will be this. 

After that I promise we'll go back to real people food and other fun things. Speaking of which, I'm wondering if you're liking what you see here? What interests you? More recipes? More kid crafts? More grown up projects? Something else? Is this the kind of blog you'd tell your friends about? I'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading.


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