For the Birds

Last year after Christmas I bought a bird feeder. It was an impulse purchase. I hate that marketing works so well on me. I was wandering down an aisle at the store and and I saw this beautiful display of all different kinds of bird feeders, houses and seeds. They caught me off guard and I thought, why don't we have a bird feeder? If we had a bird feeder then I could buy this beautiful bag of birdseed.  It's like they knew that after Christmas people are so conditioned to buy things if you make a nice display of anything they will buy it.

But you know what? I love the bird feeder. We don't have a pet, so this gives Thing 1 a chance to take care of some animals. It's his job to fill it up. 

 He gets excited when we see a little group of finches and chickadees snacking away. We've also seen morning doves, bluejays and woodpeckers. Last year we had a lot of trouble with squirrels raiding it, but this year we put it on this cart and they don't seem to like the skinny metal bars or something. Plus it's right next to our little activity table so Thing 1 can watch for birds while he colors.

It's been a happy addition to our sometimes boring winter days, and a reminder that life is going on out there even when it's too cold to go out. Plus now we don't have to get a dog. Best pets ever!

Thanks for reading. 


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