Two for one

I thought we could start today with a little math. Find the common denominator:


Got it? Cool right? It's a pizza crust and a taco shell in one! 

To make this awesome little flat bread all you need is a piece of light brown felt and a piece of floral wire. You want to use a pretty heavy one. I used 18 gauge.  Cut two 5 1/2 inch diameter circles from the felt and sew around all but about 2 inches using a 1/4 inch seam. Bend your wire into a circle and use wire cutters to clip it so that it will fit inside the circle you just sewed. 

 Then turn your circle inside out and feed the wire through so that it goes all the way around.
 Use duct tape to secure the ends of the wire together.
Blind stich the opening closed. Then use a sewing machine to stitch about a half an inch around the edge. Be careful to feel the wire while you are doing this because you don't want your needle sewing on top of that. You can use your finger to try to pull the wire as close to the edge as you can while you sew.
 Then you have your choice of pizza crust or taco shell.
I'm putting the finishing touches on a free printable pattern for the taco shell and ingredients. If anyone would like that you can just ask or check back here. 
That concludes this week's felt food. Now your kiddos should have plenty to cook up in the kitchen. There's lots more where that came from, but I like to keep it interesting, so we'll come back to the felt kitchen later. I hope you had a great week. Thanks for reading.



  1. That is adorable! I'm new to blogging, I saw your comment on another blog and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did you have some really cute stuff.


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