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I made Thing One his first quiet book when he was really little (like 1) and he liked it, but honestly he was probably too young. These days we let him read books for a while in the morning when he wakes up really early, and he's showed new interest in the quiet book, so I thought maybe it was time for a few new pages. I told you that he loves Tangled. So when I decided to make new pages I wanted to do a couple of Tangled themed ones.  When I showed them to him he knew instantly they were supposed to be from Tangled, so I count that a success.

Then I came up with this diner one. I love how it came out and feel like it's new and different.

I had always planned to do a mailbox. I figure it will be easy to make new little letters and postcards to keep this one interesting. I used Jill's template from homemade by jill for the mailbox page.

These are the original pages. They are getting pretty worn from toddler use, but he still likes them

These two pages were also inspired by Jill. I happened to have star buttons, which was cool for the rocket page.

 When I first gave Thing One this quiet book the garden page was his favorite. And I think having a shoe to tie is a prerequisite for a quiet book isn't it?

There's a lot of quiet book floating around out there. I love looking at everyone's books. Some are so amazing and elaborate. I keep mine pretty simple.  I try not to spend more time making things for my kids than they will spend playing with them. There's a few more pages I'd like to make someday. But there's a long list of projects waiting right now. Hopefully these pages give you some more fun ideas. Have you made a quiet book? What's your favorite page? I'm always looking for good ideas!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Haley, these are great ideas. I am pregnant with baby #2, and I want to make some of these quiet pages ;)


  2. these are all great! i especially love the straw and fry page :)


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