Play Kitchen Makeover

I was thinking that with all that felt food, you really need somewhere to cook it up. I love to go in Pottery Barn Kids to look at little dream kitchens like this, which you can find here.

But cheapness reigns. I really love the play kitchens that Jane at Out of the Crayon Box makes here. So I was looking for something to transform when my mom reminded me that they still had (packed away in the garage) the play kitchen my sister and I had when we were little. 

It was hand painted by my grandmother, which was really special, but also pretty girlie for my little guys. Since my sister may have a little girl someday and want this, I couldn't bring myself to just paint over it. So I came up with a perfect compromise; I decided to use vinyl. Since I want to eventually be able to take it off and hope that the paintings remain intact under there I decided to use reposition-able wall dots  like these.  I took off all the knobs and the faucet and measured the front cabinets, the front and the "backsplash." Then I cut the wall dots to the sizes I wanted, peeled off the backing and stuck them all on.

I spray painted the knobs and the faucet silver and I used a Krylon spray paint for plastics to paint the sink white.

I also added some silver hooks on one side for potholders, dish towels or whatever. These were just the plastic 3M hooks that look like metal and stick on with just a sticky piece of foam.

I'm really happy with the updated and more boyish look of the kitchen. And I like knowing that the sentimental painting is still under there, just in case we want it to be a girlie kitchen again some day.

Happy cooking and thanks for reading.
- Haley 


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