Where's Pascale?

Thing 1's absolute favorite movie is Tangled. He has it pretty much memorized. I don't mind my son loving a princess movie, but I'll tell you I do try to emphasize the more boyish attributes of the film.

Since he's such a big fan, and he likes to do little crafts, we made this little Pascale together (actually we made four of them). I hot glued all the body pieces and then he tacky glued the eyes on and insisted we draw smiles on them. 

Now he loves to play "find Pascale." He counts in another room and I hide them all for him to find. I think it makes him feel like he's in the movie. "I guess Pascale's not hiding out here...GOTCHA!"

They are simple and a little silly, but it's a craft and a game in one. It's fun to play something with your kids that makes them so happy. The best part is letting him hide them and then watching him giggle with uncontainable excitement while I look for them and he points emphatically to where he's hidden each one. I hope you are having this much fun this weekend. : )

Thanks for reading. 


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