Sweet & Salty

I'm sure you have your Valentines gifts all squared away. But, just in case you need a super delicious last minute treat, here's one you can probably make without even going to the store. 

I've seen these at gourmet chocolate shops and I always think I'm going to make them, but then I forget. What's that quote? Necessity is the mother of recollection. Something like that. Anyway, they are as simple as they sound. 

I did use these thick cut chips which I think worked better. I've tried making these with regular potato chips and remember being frustrated that the chocolate was too heavy for thinner chips. 

These particular chips seemed extra salty which was nice, because you don't want the chocolate to overpower the salt. It's a delicate balance, you know.

I don't actually dip them in the chocolate. I always use a spoon and just slather it on both sides of half the chip making sure it's not too thick and that it's nice and smooth.

You may find yourself at this point thinking: I could get out another chip or two, or I could just lick it out of the bowl and try to clean up my face before my little man catches me in the act. If you happen to choose the latter, be prepared to share, or be stealthier than me.

 Set them on wax paper and put in the fridge for about 5 minutes. Remember, when you use real chocolate even after it hardens up it melts easily, so handle by the chip part to keep the chocolate pretty.

Then make up a little plate, or put them in a pretty box and pretend that you planned to make these all along and give them to your sweet heart.

Thanks for reading.


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